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‘Whitney’ star Yaya DaCosta pays tribute to Naomi Campbell, Eartha Kitt and more


Nearly three years following the death of Whitney Houston, the first film to attempt to depict her talent, trials and tribulations will air on Lifetime on Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. EST.

In honor of her highly anticipated portrayal of the late singer, actress Yaya DaCosta steps into her most high-profile role yet, by embodying the spirit of several great divas, in an epic series of images she shared via Instagram.

“Alright everybody! Get ready!!!!! So, I wanted to celebrate how Whitney always embraced sisterhood and do a photo series in the spirit of her song, ‘I’m Every Woman'(which I sing in the movie). This week, I’m paying homage to 8 other women who inspire me and I’m inviting us all to celebrate seeing ourselves in each other- no matter what color we are or where we come from. Join me! #imeverywoman,” wrote DaCosta.

Above, the former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant pays tribute to Meryl Streep saying, “I AM MERYL STREEP. Unmatched mastery. Precocious wisdom. Sophisticated taste. Thank you, Mama Meryl, for giving every character life as real as the breath miraculously given each of us at birth. #imeverywoman”

For a look at DaCosta’s tribute to Naomi Campbell, Eartha Kitt and more, hit the flip.

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