Claudia Jordan makes tearful apology to Tiny

Claudia Jordan - RHOA Cover-001

Claudia Jordan has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue all week thanks to her high-profile feud with NeNe Leakes. And although she may have seemed like the good guy next to Leakes, it appears that Jordan’s own mean girl past has come back to haunt her because evidence of her shading fellow reality star Tiny has recently surfaced.

Earlier this week, Famelous posted two old videos, one in which Jordan makes some disparaging comments about dark-skinned people while at a Get Entertainment party that she hosted for her friend and former co-worker Tina Divina.

“I don’t really think it’s a good idea with all these black people walking around ’cause black on black it’s hard to see, I can’t really see who’s who in all black, I could only see the beige people like Sicily, Jason, Jaylen, kind of Tina, and myself. Everybody else I only see [teeth and eyes],” she said in the video.

In the second video, which is an audio recording of segment of Jamie Foxx’s radio show, “The Foxxhole,” which she co-hosted, Jordan takes aim at Tiny, whom she later worked with on “Tiny Tonight.”

“Is anybody else concerned about the fact that he is willing to pay $3 million just to be in his own life with Tiny? I’m saying … she escaped the pretty line. I’m just saying, I’m just saying, Jamie would you tell me you would [have] sex with Tiny,” Jordan said to co-hosts Foxx and Johnny Mack.

After the videos surfaced, Jordan apologized for her comments about dark-skinned people on Twitter

“… that was six years ago. I have grown so much since then. It was a joke that was used against me,” Jordan wrote on Twitter.

Jordan then made it a point to apologize multiple times to Tiny. Check out her apologies, as well as Tiny’s response, after the cut.

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