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John H. Eaves highlights the Dr. King and President Obama connection

John Eaves

Dr. John H. Eaves is the chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and like Dr. King, a graduate of Morehouse College. Eaves is well-known and influential in the halls of Atlanta and Georgia politics. Today, he shares his thoughts with rolling out readers on the legacy of Dr. Martin L. King Jr.:

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most quintessential leader of the 20th century in America. He possessed intelligence, compassion, dedication, courage and strength. He devoted his life to serving others and made countless personal sacrifices to make America a better place. He gave the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed in 1968 because of his convictions.

“His legacy is very much apparent today in the progress that African Americans have made politically, economically and socially since the 1960s. America now has an African American president, no doubt the foundation for an African American president was laid due to the work of Dr. King.

“King’s legacy, however, is international. His nonviolent philosophy is cited by disenfranchised and oppressed groups in such diverse places as Taiwan and Brazil and used as a rallying cry to address inequities in their societies.”