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Kevin McCall calls Wale out on Instagram over Eva Marcille


The ongoing back and forth between Eva Marcille and ex Kevin McCall recently took another dramatic turn.

This time Maybach Music rapper Wale was caught in the middle of the spat when McCall caught feelings after Marcille commented on one of the “LoveHate Thing” rapper’s Instagram pictures with a kiss emoji.

McCall @ replied Marcille on the post and simply wrote, “Weak.” Another user then chimed in on the post seemingly alluding to the situation with the following lyrics “when a rich n—a want ya and your n—a cant do nothing for ya…” from Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” McCall immediately responded, “LOL he got herpes please never hat… lol and @wale don’t wanna see me OR he can holla in person when he see me on the set.”

Neither Wale nor Marcille took time to respond to McCall’s outburst. After a while McCall composed himself and admitted to being “in his feelings” in following apology issued to Wale.




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  1. britishrose on February 1, 2015 at 11:29 pm

    mccall must be one crazy mf or either its marcille crazy cause i would not have let his cute self got away , but once man hit push , spit , slap , pinch, even get in yo face you need to flee and never return he only gets worst i dont know what that is about abusers but once they hit a woman they feel thats the only way to get her attention is continue to beat her , abuse is like an elevator its destine to go up and its has to stop at the top where it cant go anywhere else , your relationship goes no where else once the abuse has reached the top , you might as well get out on the top level and walk back down ..