Tasha Smith’s career takes on new dimension with role in ‘Addicted’

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She’s played memorable characters in Why Did I Get Married, Daddy’s Little Girls, and Jumping the Broom, now actress Tasha Smith will be flexing her skills in her latest role playing sex therapist Dr. Marcella Spencer in Addicted.

Addicted was developed into a screenplay based on The New York Times best-selling novel by author Zane, who is known as the “Queen of Erotica.”

Here’s what Smith had to say about her latest film role and her TV appearances during a recent interview with rolling out. –jamie coleman

How did you like playing a laid-back head doctor?
Well one, it was a great experience to be able to show a different side as an actress. Sometimes when people are used to you playing a certain role, they get that role stuck in their head. So to be able to show people a different side of my work as an actress, was a wonderful thing.

You’ve made a couple of appearances FOX’s hot new drama “Empire,” talk about that.
Yes, I have a recurring role on there and I play Carol, who is Cookie’s little sister. It is such an awesome opportunity. It’s such a winning team, I feel like I’m working on an

Do you prefer working in TV or film?
Well, TV right now is as good as film. It’s the best of both worlds. And when you’re working with wonderful filmmakers like Lee Daniels in television, television is as beautiful filming.

With all this filming, where are you living now?
My home is in L.A. I travel to Chicago when its time to film “Empire” and I’m in Atlanta when it’s time to film “For Better or Worse.” I also get to work on “Power,” so I’m in New York when I’m doing that.

Where do you like to eat and shop when you’re in these various locales?
My favorite place to eat in Atlanta is definitely Chops Lobster Bar because I am a seafood fanatic. I love going to Phipps Plaza, you know, because they have all the best shops there. When I’m in Chicago, I’ve been doing this vegan, raw food diet for the last four months, so I spend a lot of time at vegan and raw food restaurants by a woman named Karyn Calabrese. Shopping in Chicago is just wonderful wherever you go. And New York City! C’mon, who can go wrong in New York City? There are a plethora of restaurants and boutiques and stores. It’s just a fun city to eat and shop [in] wherever you go.

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