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50 Cent catches A$AP Rocky getting at his ex on Instagram


Though 50 Cent and Tatted Up Holly may currently be on the outs, it appears the rapper still (somehow) has access to her Instagram account.

Fif recently made a post taking A$AP Rocky to task for pushing up on his ex via Instagram’s direct message feature. In the post, 50 screenshot’s Rocky’s inquiry to Holly and essentially tells Rocky he doesn’t make enough money to afford her lifestyle habits.

Check out 50’s post below:


Soon after Rocky took to Twitter to respond, mostly brushing off 50’s insults while telling him to “quit acting like a je[a]ous sugar daddy” as seen in the post below:

Screenshot 2015-02-01 17.18.10

We’ll have to see how this particular tussle plays out, but A$AP Rocky may be the least of 50’s worries regarding Holly as she has recently accused the G-Unit leader of domestic abuse.