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Music » Chuck D spearheads ‘Record Store Day’ via DJ Skee’s DASH radio

Chuck D spearheads ‘Record Store Day’ via DJ Skee’s DASH radio


Legendary Public Enemy frontman Chuck D approached National Record Store Day founder Michael Kurtz with a crazy idea: What if the increasingly popular day dedicated to vinyl had a radio station all its own?

Kurtz then turned to DJ Skee and his recently launched DASH radio platform to make Chuck’s idea a reality. Beginning March 1, listeners will be able to tune in to the station that promises to have something for music lovers across the board.

According to Kurtz, it was Chuck D’s persistence in the matter that finally pushed him to make it happen.

“He kept bringing up that we needed a Record Store Day radio station, so I said, ‘You really want this to happen?’ ” Kurtz told Billboard.’It would be so cool, one of the few cool things Record Store Day hasn’t done.’ He started the whole conversation.”

It didn’t take much to convince DJ Skee that a station for and programmed by music lovers would be a good idea.

“They know the scene like no other. They’re obviously the most passionate. They live, breathe, eat this every day,” he said.

While programming ideas are still being finalized, one idea that is being kicked around is a program dedicated to what’s hot at popular record stores around the country like Amoeba Records in L.A. or Grimey’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

Created as an alternative to streaming services like Pandora, DASH radio, which launched on Aug. 1, promises to offer a more well-rounded and personal listening experience.

DASH radio is available for both iOS and Android phones.

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