Vivica A. Fox slams Kenya Moore over alleged stolen phone

Celebrity Apprentice

The feud between Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore hit a new extreme this week when Moore was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” after Fox accused Moore of stealing her phone and sending a fake tweet about menopause affecting Fox’s behavior. And although Moore recently denied the accusations on “Wendy Williams,” Fox recently declared that she has proof that Moore stole the phone.

During an interview with TMZ photographers, Fox was asked if Moore really did steal her phone, to which she replied, “You ask me that like you doubt it. Of course, she stole my phone. There’s absolutely no doubt that Kenya stole my phone. Kenya knew about the tweet, my phone went missing. Kenya stole my phone.”

“Why lie?” she added.

Fox then pulled her makeup artist, Dereon, into the conversation and explained that he witnessed the phone being snatched.

“I knew the phone was taken by her. I knew it. It wasn’t staged,” said Dereon, before mentioning about the tweet, “You would never talk like that.”

Well, although Fox didn’t present any concrete evidence of the theft, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump and a bevy of fans believe Fox.

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