India.Arie snubbed by Lady Gaga’s security on Grammy red carpet


Sunday night’s Grammy Awards were full of shady moments, but one of the standout moments of drama came courtesy of Lady Gaga’s security guard, who apparently kept India.Arie from greeting her pop star friend.

A viral video of the incident has been floating around the Web, and in the video Gaga’s security guard can be seen smacking Arie’s hand away as she tries to get Gaga’s attention on the red carpet.


Yesterday, Arie explained what happened during the incident to her fans on Twitter.

India Arie - Gaga Twitter Response 1

India Arie - Gaga Twitter Response 2

Although Arie was angry, she explained that she wasn’t at all angry with Gaga, just her security.

India Arie - Gaga Twitter Response 3

India Arie - Gaga Twitter Response 4


Well, that was definitely a shocking story, but we hope that Gaga reached out to Arie privately and apologized for her security guard’s actions.


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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