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Love tip day 11: Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Dr. Nicole


Valentine’s Day is Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. Whether you have a mate or are enjoying living single, you’ll appreciate this relationship advice from success strategist Dr. Nicole LaBeach.

Tip no. 4: What’s the Mission … Now that the question of love has been answered and being together is the mutual decision, what’s the bigger picture — what’s the mission of your relationship? What does your two-person team stand for? What does your team jersey represent? What do you value? What’s your vision? The world has a lot to gain from your union. Don’t underestimate how your togetherness can serve others in a greater, more powerful way.

Dr. Nicole LaBeach is a success strategist who has changed the lives of all who dared to strive for their personal best. She represents a new generation of life, relationship, and executive coaches. Dr. Nicole is the CEO of Volition Enterprises Inc., a premier personal and professional development firm. Please visit her website:

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