Benzino arrested, again

Benzino & Stevie's Friendship Sinks

According to TMZ, court documents show that the police report says that after the bag of marijuana fell onto the backseat of the officer’s car, marijuana residue was found on Benzino’s waistband and the fingertips of his right hand.

However, Benzino and his attorneys recently released a video in which they claim that there were no drugs on Benzino or in his car. Instead, they say the marijuana was on the backseat of the car before he got in.

“First of all, there has been a report that there was a stash of drugs in Benzino’s car. That was false. In fact, the police officer’s report clearly states that the marijuana was found inside of the officer’s vehicle. Benzino was searched, as is customary. His vehicle was searched. There were no drugs found on his person or in his vehicle,” said the attorney.

The cop, however, claimed in his report that he used a “Gain” air freshener that wouldn’t have masked the scent of weed if it had already been there.

Well, something definitely sounds fishy about this case and we hope the truth is revealed soon.

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