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Love tip day 13: Countdown to Valentine’s Day with Dr. Nicole


Valentine’s Day is Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015. Whether you have a mate or are enjoying living single, you’ll appreciate this relationship advice from success strategist Dr. Nicole LaBeach.

Tip No. 2: Accountability Partners are Key… Success in relationships require more  than two-people, it also requires a supporting team. Who can help you stand for your relationship and challenge your ego when it goes out of whack? Who do you call when you or your relationship need wise council? Who speaks truth to you and holds you accountable to your commitments? If the answer is no one, you’ve got work to do. It’s time for both of you to go through your list of friends and family and mutually agree on the chosen few for the job. When you do, take the next step and let them know you want them to be part of your journey.


Dr. Nicole LaBeach is a success strategist who has changed the lives of all who dared to strive for their personal best. She represents a new generation of life, relationship, and executive coaches. Dr. Nicole is the CEO of Volition Enterprises Inc., a premier personal and professional development firm. Please visit her website:

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