Sex-crazed homeless man breaks into funeral home

Domonique Smith

It is a story too hard for the loved ones of a deceased person to bear and yet it happened.  In Columbus, Georgia, a homeless man identified as Domonique Smith, 26, broke into the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. Not only did he steal a bike worth $150 from the business, but he also decided to perform a sickening act.

While investigators were processing the scene of the burglary, they found evidence that Smith committed a sexual act with the body of a deceased woman. Captain Gordon Griswould of the Columbus Police Department stated that he could not remember the last time anyone was charged with necrophilia in Muscogee County, Georgia. According to the police, the crime occurred this past week between Sunday night and early Monday morning. Smith was identified through security camera video and was arrested by noon on Monday. He was living in an abandoned home and police found stolen property on the premises, including multiple TVs and guns tied to a previous burglary.

For now, Smith sits in the Muscogee County Jail facing numerous charges, which include one count each of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property and entering an unoccupied dwelling. Smith pleaded not guilty to the charge of entering an unoccupied dwelling. However, he did admit to the judge the other aspects of his crimes. Smith is being held on $20,000 bond and has pending charges in Superior Court.

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