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B. Scott reaches settlement with BET


It’s been nearly two years since transgender star B. Scott first sued BET for gender discrimination after alleging that BET forced him to wear men’s clothes while working as a correspondent at last year’s BET Awards after they claimed Scott’s previous outfit was “too feminine.” Now, it appears that the protracted legal battle is finally over and a settlement has been reached.

As previously reported, the case nearly came to an end last summer when a judge ruled in favor of BET, who then offered B. Scott a small settlement as long as Scott ceased all legal action against the network.

However, Scott refused and decided to appeal the initial ruling. Yesterday though, Scott’s attorney, Waukeen McCoy, revealed the case was finally closed and that he had reached a settlement with BET.

“Anti-Slapp statutes should not be used as a shield against discriminatory actions in an employment setting. Resolving litigation is good for all parties,” said McCoy.

Scott also released a statement, explaining why it was important to fight so long against BET.

“After two years of a lengthy legal battle with BET/Viacom, I can say that a settlement has been reached and the matter is resolved,” said Scott. “It’s never an easy decision to stand up for yourself and fight for your right to be who you are. It’s something that I believe in and it’s something that I’ll always continue to defend.”

Well, we commend Scott on fighting for his case through the amicable end. And we hope that BET, as well as their fans, have learned to be more accepting and understanding of the transgender community because of B. Scott.

Read the rest of Scott’s statement after the cut.

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