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New York judge sentences actor Anthony Mackie


Actor Anthony Mackie was convicted late last week of driving while impaired in New York City.

The Black or White star was present in a Manhattan criminal court when Judge Kevin McGrath handed down the guilty verdict in the daylong trial. Though Mackie opted not to testify, three NYPD officers took the stand and gave testimony that Mackie was noticeably impaired when he was taken to a police station for sobriety tests following his arrest in November 2013.

Mackie’s attorney, Michael Miller, contended that video of the incident clearly showed that his client was in fact sober and responsive during the episode but Assistant District Attorney Leah Branch claims the time between the initial arrest and the start of the video gave Mackie, 36, ample time to sober up.

Nonetheless, Mackie appeared to want to just put the episode behind him when addressing the judge at the end of the trial.

“Thank you, your honor, for the opportunity,” Mackie told Judge McGrath. “Thank you for listening to the case and coming up with a fair conclusion.”

In addition to having his New York license suspended for 90 days, Mackie was fined and ordered to complete a drunk driving program, which he’ll do in his home state of Louisiana.

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  1. BigSeannY on February 21, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    He’s lucky he didn’t do time.Maybe he will wise up next time.