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Viral video star Andrew Caldwell admits he still desires men


Andrew Caldwell became famous last year after a video of him declaring at the Church of God in Christ conference in St. Louis that “I’m not gay no more.” Since then, Caldwell and his video have become the subject of songs, spoofs and cartoons galore, but now it seems that Caldwell’s hit phrases are ringing a little hollow because he recently explained that he’s still attracted to men.

Caldwell spoke about his viral video in a new interview with NBC 12 and he explained that he never wanted to be an Internet star.

“I was serious,” Caldwell said. “I did not want to go viral. I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people.”

Caldwell also spoke about the infamous day the video was shot and explained that he felt pressured to speak about being delivered from homosexuality after a previous speaker called gays in the church “sissies” and suggested they should “bleed from their butts.”

The COGIC went on to apologize for the speaker’s words.

“As presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ,” said Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. “I apologize for what seemed to be a harsh, uncompassionate, disrespectful spirit on the part of that speaker. I also apologize to Andrew Caldwell. We love all people regardless of their faith or their moral standing.”

However, Caldwell doesn’t believe the apology and claims that the COGIC is still ignorant and homophobic.

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God in Christ,” said Caldwell. “And you can’t.”

When asked if he really has become heterosexual, Caldwell responded “no.”

“That’s not the case…I still have desires,” he said.

And that’s not all that Caldwell had to say about his life after becoming a viral hit. Read the rest of his statements after the cut.

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  1. Real Talk... on February 28, 2015 at 4:19 am

    Nobody believed him in the first place

  2. Maddog on February 28, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Let his “Maker” judge him. Our duty is to love your neighbor as you would want him to love you.