8 habits of millionaires


So you’ve dug up Goodie MOB’s “Get Rich to This” and you’re working your way to your first couple of million. You’re looking around at all the people who’ve gotten to where you want to go, and you’re thinking to yourself, how did they do it? I’ve been wondering the same thing as of late, and through my search, here are just a few things that I’ve found.

  1. Rise before the sun.
    It’s not enough to simply lie in bed awake early mornings, thinking about all the things that you’re going to do for the day. You’ve got to get up and go, even if that simply means to the kitchen table for a glass of water, the living room for meditation, the gym for a workout, or a combination of all three. Many millionaires are up no later than 5 a.m., cleansing their body and mind, even taking some quiet time, so that by 6 a.m., 7 at the latest, they’re fresh and ready to focus on their grind, even if they have to take a break to drop the kids off at school.
  1. Read. Every. Day.
    Our bodies need regular workouts to stay fit. And when we really want to grow muscle, we have to lift heavy weights. Our minds are the same way. Reading helps to enlarge your perspective, be it through new info, new experiences, or new ideas. Reading every day trains your mind to receive and dissect information in a way that will be most beneficial to you. And depending on the things that you read about, you have a broader reservoir of knowledge to pull from when you’re looking to evolve as a person and/or when you need a leg up on the competition.
  1. Do the things that you are uncomfortable doing.
    When it comes to getting somewhere that you’ve never been, you’ve got to do some things that you’ve never done. I’m not talking about compromising your core values as a person, but if you don’t like talking in front of people, try to do so on a somewhat regular basis. If there’s a work task that you simply dread, make that the first thing to do on your priority list. Comfort and fear work hand in hand in this world, and both can keep you stagnate in your progress as a person and as a professional. Breaking the mold by overcoming and moving beyond self-imposed boundaries is a surefire way to achieve your ultimate success.
  1. Find peace and quiet.
    A lot of us think the road to millionaire status means that you are always on the go, but the key to doing anything well in life is to find the balance and inner peace that allow you to stay steady in the battle. Making time to do nothing but relax both your mind and body helps you recharge and stay focused. World class athletes soak their muscles and get massages on a regular basis. Finding inner peace and a quiet place in your own mind will help to make each one of your actions world class
  1. Frugality is a wealth building mentality.
    This one is pretty simple. How can you expect to get rich when you spend your money on frivolous things? Every thing you do, say, and spend is an investment. Being particular about what you spend your money on, being careful to always get what you need but holding off on the things that you want, will get you a whole lot closer to your wildest dreams. Once there, though, it’s your dream, so run wild … but not until you get there … and put a cap on it if you want to stay there.
  1. Make learning a lifestyle.
    This one is simple as well. You’ve got two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth for a reason. Each sensory detector on your body allows you to learn more about your environment and others in it. Pay attention to your surroundings, consume new information, listen to different perspectives with anticipation. Learning is something that you should do every day. How you use your new knowledge is up to you.
  1. Find your motivation and protect it with your life.
    People who drive themselves towards success have the most when they have a reason to go get it. Who are you, what makes you the happiest and our your making the most of your abilities. the great thing about human beings is that we can constantly evolve if we choose to. Finding what motivates you to do so will keep you grinding till the grind is no more.
  1. Do something good for others.
    Some would call this charity, but doing a good deed for others benefits you just as much as it does them. Seeing a smile on a person’s face, or helping another to meet a need, helps to keep good energy coming your way while also helping to make you feel good about yourself. Entirely selfish acts have a way of coming back to bite us in the behind. By sharing the wealth, be it monetarily or via your actions, you create reservoir of goodwill that you can pull from when needed.
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