6 good reasons not to get married in your 20s

111312-national-saving-money-marriage-debt-coupleWhen you’re young, you think that the world is a very simple place, and you pretty much have life all figured out. Contrary to that common mindset, the world (and life) are extremely complicated and ever-changing animals.

In your 20s, you meet someone, and you think that this is the one, and your are ready to start a life together and take on the world. Sorry to burst your bubble, but in your 20s, you really don’t know jack. The 20s are your time of beginning to get out into the world and seeing how things actually work (outside of that bubble that was mom and dad’s house and college).

Take a careful look at this list before you run off and do something that you’ll have to live with for years to come. Marriage is a lot more involved than what you might see in love stories. The honeymoon might be all warm and fuzzy, but then comes the reality of the real world.

Haven’t had time to enjoy dating – It’s probably way too soon to know exactly what you even want in a permanent mate. Give yourself time to test the waters a little before you lock yourself down.

CompetitionJust beginning to get into a career – It’s pretty tough getting into the swing of a new career. It could be extremely rough attempting to build a marriage and a career at the same time.

Not financially stable yet – You may have heard the saying “Romance without finance is nomance.” Being broke in a marriage is an invitation to destruction for a young couple.

worldStill learning how the world works – You haven’t really been around the block yet, so you might have little to no idea of how to run a household and be a husband or a wife.

Have you learned how to love? – Most 20-somethings think they have love figured out, but most don’t really have a clue just yet. Take the time to experience and discover what real love is for you.

Marriage means responsibility – No longer is your life yours to do with as you please, being married means that your decisions will now have to be made with a spouse (and maybe children) constantly in mind and consideration.

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