Family of Michael Brown issues statement on Darren Wilson

Police Shooting Missouri

The parents of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., have suffered greatly with the loss of their son and ensuing turmoil. The U.S. Department of Justice concluded a months long federal investigation of the actions of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  The investigation has cleared Wilson of federal civil rights violations and concludes that Wilson acted in apparent self-defense.

In response to the decision, Brown’s parents issued the following statement through their lawyer:

“Today, we received disappointing news from the Department of Justice that the killer of our son wouldn’t be held accountable for his actions. While we are saddened by this decision, we are encouraged that the DOJ will hold the Ferguson Police Department accountable for the pattern of racial bias and profiling they found in their handling of interactions with people of color.It is our hope that through this action, true change will come not only in Ferguson but around the country. If that change happens, our son’s death will not have been in vain.”

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. Don’t know if they will ever get much deserved satisfaction, but maybe their lawsuit should be against the Prosecutor and his allowing of fake witnesses (Witness 40 – aka Sandra McElroy) to offer testimony that should be considered perjury. Either way – the people of Ferguson need to ensure they drive out this mayor, police chief, city admin, prosecutor and the rest of their minions.

    1. this invesitgation the state did should drive them all out of those seats , they all participated in police in the city , allowing bias arrest , harrassement ,, wilson pulling over brown and his friend was the same style of harrassment that is in those reports , the justice dept did a half ass investigation if they think we are to believe that only half the issue was wilson approach that day .. he had intent to kill not to injure this boy , and he knew he was a boy . and should have acted with restraint … now someone is dead cause of his fears .. hell all cops got fears but do you kill out of fear of out of justice to protect the citizens .. no citizens were at risk of two black men walking in a black neighborhood , with no weapon ? so how was wilson acting with malace?

      1. just as predicted one of the dirty judges resigned today and now they expecting more to he didnt resign on his own he was asked by the doj to stepp his ass down , and so many others will follow just like the prosecutor he had to know of all those false charges chumped up on blacks for tickets and all kinds of bullcrap , he knew cause his office has to prosecute before the judges get the cases so they work systematically against black that kind of investigation will bring all the rats out the holes with poison trust me wilson is not the only racist in missouri he just got caught up, and now he sits up with thousands of dollars . i say band any cop from collecting funds from go fund me that should be a violation ofthe law period . why do you give money to a person who killed a person? thou shall not kill dont exernorated you cause you got a badge you think gods gonna say well YOU HAD A JOB TO DO SO YOU GET TO COME TO THE KINGDOM NOOOOO YOUR NO BETTER THAN CHARLES MANSON IF YOU KILL A MAN DEFENSE OR NOT .. I WOULD HATE TO HAVE TO KILL FOR A LIVING . . MOST COPS KILL OUT OF FEAR NOT THREAT

  2. i dont see why they can find the whole dept guilty of racial profiling but exempt wilsom from his profiling of the two men walking that day , he had no reason to accost these two men , stopping them with no backup. just cause he had a gun . police who have never killed will kill in a minute, to prove a point wrong or right , they want the experence like shooting a dear , dear hunters have said it wasnt about the murder of the dear it was the expereince of killing one .
    i just dont get it , you cant target practice on humans .
    wilson was guilty but if you notice in america the laws and justice dept try hard not to convict any cops cause that would make the public start hating the police even more . and then that opens a can of worms .. why did it take the justice dept to uncover something citizen been seeing and knew of for years ,,, ferguson oviously have had this standard of policing for years an year ,, and just cause people use to the unlawful behavior of police dont mean, you have to wait til a tragedy hit tv .. to get help the people in fergsuon should have fought back years go and mike brown would never been shot , it takes a villige to bring justice ..

    bad thing he was killed so unjustly , goog thing this bought out the big guns in DC . to look into hireing of police in this country .. they get jjobs quick as it took the to enter the military …. the qualification is miltary background and no felonys .. so the are assummed to be qualified .. and that has to change .. .. we need qualified police who have walk the beat in all neighborhoods as part of training . and age is important a 22 to 28 year old should not be cop .. they are not mature enough to handle decision making and freshly out of the skin head camps to uncle sam camp .. and by the time they turn 27 they out of rhe military seeking police jobs with alll kinds of emotiional issues . not fair to the ciittizens of theses united states

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