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Experimental film ‘Reflections: Thoughts from Langston Hughes’ screened in Chicago


The burgeoning Aplomb Gallery in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood recently played host to a unique evening of art and culture that served to culminate Black History Month by featuring a new film on the work of renowned poet Langston Hughes.

The film, Reflections: Thoughts from Langston Hughes, written and directed by Chicago native Gregory Robert is an experimental piece that juxtaposes some of Hughes’ most popular work against contemporary images and life to show that while some things have changed in time, people of color still face some of the same struggles.

According to Gregory Robert the film started as a passion project but then took on an even greater meaning:

“The film started as a passion project where I could showcase my directing abilities as well as work with some of Chicago’s most sought after African American TV [and] film production members. Reflections is a self-examination and reflective look at today’s Chicago African American life and culture told from Langston Hughes’ perspective. The film connects the past with the present by allowing us to take a glimpse at ourselves through the vision of one of our most prolific writers and voices for the unspoken. Once we realize who we are, our individual voices and purpose in life becomes clear and then, we are forced to embrace and change those things that negatively affect us,” he said

For more information on Reflections: Thoughts from Langston Hughes, upcoming viewing dates and release on social media platforms, please contact Gregory Robert at [email protected].

Check out photos from the event in the gallery below.