‘Black Ink Crew’: Did O’s jumpoff go too far with his fiancée?

O'S**t and Donna- Black Ink

O’S–t is a tattoo artist on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew,” the only Black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of HarlemNew York. For the past couple weeks O’S**t’s drug addiction has come to light and he has been given the ultimatum of a jail date at Riker’s Island or rehab. Everyone apparently knows about O’S**t’s drug addiction except for his pregnant fiancée. That’s not the only thing he’s been hiding, though. Even though it was suspected O’S**t’ had an intimate relationship with his roommate (Donna, whom he rents a room to in his one-bedroom apartment).

We asked Donna during an exclusive interview and basically she denied the affair rumors, stating “I could see how viewers looking on would think we were in a relationship.”

She went on to describe she and O’S**t as “becoming very close friends and viewing him as her mentor, support system and very a very instrumental aspect in her apprenticeship position at Black Ink.”

This week we find out “on air how her roommate situation has been a secret intimate sexual affair and developing friendship that’s gotten way too close for comfort. Really Donna? You could have at least neither confirmed or denied. But noooo! You have got some ‘splaining to do missy,” in my Ricky Ricardo voice.

We already had one eyebrow raised when a scene from last week’s episode alluded to some questionable activity showing Donna and O’S**t coming out of the bathroom together. Then there was more suspicion when everyone at the tattoo parlor was referring to the Cleveland newcomer apprentice as “Donna the w—-.” How many “Black Ink” fans do I have out there? Let me bring you up to speed with a brief explanation on the history of this VH1 show. If you haven’t been tuning in, it’s about to get juicy.

About “Black Ink Crew”

Black Ink Tattoo shop is owned by Ceasar Emanuel. His Black Ink Crew, which is composed of the girls and guys that run the only Black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of Harlem at 113th St. and Lenox Avenue. The employees are a tight, but totally dysfunctional “family.” For many of them, this shop is the key to turning their lives around, and for some of them, it’s their first legitimate job off the streets. To the people who work there, Black Ink is more than just one of the most famous — and infamous — tattoo shops in the country … it’s home. Update: Puma is no longer working at Black Ink (he left to work for the competition) and Sassy is no longer an employee at Black Ink) however, both are still on the show and very instrumental to the storyline.

O’S**t is a tattoo artist working at Black Ink and he is currently engaged to his patient long suffering loving girlfriend who recently gave birth to his third child (but the first child for the couple) . Imagine the shock when his then-pregnant girlfriend found out her fiancé had a female roommate. We all know how expensive housing is in NYC, but why would he fail to mention his roommate to Anya, his pregnant fiancée? Needless to say, yes she found out one day when she decided to accompany him to his apartment and a female greeted them in the front room. Anya meet Donna, and now she knows. Wow!

Donna expressed her deep gratitude for O’S**t taking her under his wing and teaching her calligraphy, helping her build her tattoo skills, and making her apprenticeship that she came to New York for worthwhile. As “the owner of the shop Ceasar has been way too busy to teach her,” according to Donna. When Donna heard of the apprenticeship opportunity at Black Ink, she immediately packed her bags, said goodbye to the Midwest and relocated to NYC within a two-week time period. She jumped at the opportunity so fast, initially she took an apartment she found advertised on Craigslist to room with a married couple and it didn’t work out. (They have already ended up in court.) Upon going to work everyday and mentioning her living situation with co-workers, O’S**t offered her a place to live ( a room for rent) claiming he was barely at home due to work and hanging out at his fiancée’s place. Donna claims this turned out to be the opposite and O’S**t was constantly there or coming in the house in the middle of the night, totally waking her with all the noise. Donna adamantly confirmed there was no hanky panky. Lies she told as I learned this week.

Meanwhile on the ranch, O’Sh**t is summoned to complete 30 days of rehab by law officials. Donna decides this would be a great time for her to plan a meeting with his fiancée as she feels it’s only right they become acquainted (as they are sharing a man).

Was Donna dead wrong for meeting up with O’S**t’s fiancée while he is away at rehab? She did mention the idea to O’S**t and he strongly opposed the thought of them meeting. Asking her “what in the world do you have to talk to Anya about?” I guess in Donna’s head she felt the need to meet with Anya, especially since she now is comfortable saying those three words (I love you) to O’S**t and it is only obvious she is very much in love. My prediction was, “the two meeting at this point can only end up in tragedy.” Not as tragic as I thought, on the other hand, yes it was very tragic.

What do you think about the decision Donna made to meet with O’S**t’s fiancée one month after her baby was born? Talk about bad timing.


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