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What’s next for the Lyon’s den in the ‘Empire’ finale

Image by Lena J The Artist for Steed Media Service

Image by Lena J The Artist for Steed Media Service

The Lyon family is dealing with a major crisis — amid a host of other catastrophes — as the shady first family of FOX barrels toward the season finale for hit series “Empire.” This maiden season has been entertaining to say the least; from Cookie’s endless array of quotables, to memorable supporting characters like Becky and Pam, to the parade of “Waitaminute — is that …?” guest stars they seem to trot out in every episode or so. It’s not hard to see why audiences have made “Empire” the highest-rated new scripted network show of the season, and there are a number of loose ends to tie up — or exploit further — in the upcoming two-hour season finale.

Of course, the biggest news came during last week’s dramatic climax. In “Sins of the Father,” Lucious claimed that he — not middle son Jamal — is the father of Olivia’s daughter. In the ever-growing list of “ain’t s–t” things that we’ve learned Lucious Lyon has done, this has to be at the top. Just to bring everyone up to speed; Jamal is gay, but has been closeted until very recently. Lucious forced Jamal to marry Olivia, who was an aspiring singer on the Empire label years ago; and promised Olivia he’d make her a priority at the label. Of course, the marriage crumbled and Olivia never became anything close to a star, but she did become a mom. Up until the very end of “Sins of the Father,” we’d been led to believe that the little girl was Jamal’s, until things came to a head when Olivia’s insane ex-boyfriend Reg showed up with a gun, claiming he would kill Jamal to prevent him from taking Olivia away from him.

That’s when Lucious dropped the bomb. So Jamal has to come to grips with his father’s claim that little Lola isn’t Jamal’s daughter, but his half-sister. But there was a lot more to last week’s show than just this Lucious/Jamal/Olivia disaster.

Andre’s mental health has come into full focus; with the bipolar episodes that were hinted at earlier in the season now becoming much more intense. It was revealed that Lucious — not exactly the epitome of compassion — was dismissive of Andre’s mental issues when they initially surfaced during Dre’s college years. Lucious made sure to tell that “white girl” Rhonda to not say a word about Dre, and no one was to refer to Dre’s problems as “mental health problems.” And Lucious’ big plan to seduce Cookie seems to have run into some unexpected roadblocks — namely Cookie’s refusal to take him even a little bit seriously so long as he’s still playing house with “Boo-Boo Kitty” Anika and Cookie’s own developing romance with Malcolm (Derek Luke), the new head of Lucious’ security. She knows that Lucious is just feeling quite mortal these days and doesn’t want to die alone.

As for the youngest son, Hakeem, Lucious has seen fit to try and sabotage Hakeem’s relationship with Camilla (Naomi Campbell); following Hakeem’s decision to perform “Nothing But a Number” at the big IPO meeting as an ode to his cougar girlfriend. Lucious offered Camilla money to stay away from his baby boy, which, of course she declined. That didn’t stop Lucious from telling Hakeem that she took the money — and in one hour, we’ve seen how Lucious’ manipulations have distorted virtually each of his son’s major relationships.

So how does all of this play out in the finale? The family already knows how low Lucious can sink — will the latest revelation be the final straw? And what about Anika? Has Lucious pushed her so far that she would team with Lucious archnemesis Baretti, the head of Creedmoor Records? Or is she a part of a bigger scheme by Lucious to get his foe to let his guard down? Where do things stand between Lucious and Vernon — the one non-family member who knows enough to land Lucious in a whole lot of hot water if he ever decided to be done taking crap from Lucious. What is Snoop Dogg doing in the finale?

Seems fair to assume that someone won’t be making it to season two. The question is who?



  1. honeybutter on March 18, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    my favorite is anika lol no one likes her she got that stank face , that women can get that means you think yo shit dont stink … i love to hate on her .. lol

    cookie is predictable to me .. you know what she is about . .. .. like her too

    lucious is every mans dream guy , he got the women the cars the suites , ,and the power over women and his universe men like to own the castle and run the show he does that for men . iwas surprised how many men love this show ,, ,and this is the first time young black men have like to come home and waito n a show , , mainstream tv was just about dead lol . … empire revived it ….

    • Guest on March 19, 2015 at 2:59 am

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  2. honeybutter on March 18, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    i think anika will not be back ,even though she should cook gonna shoot her or i think the oldest son will die …. .somebody is going out .. not sure who they cant loose cookie ‘ but lucious and cookie carry the show ..

  3. honeybutter on March 19, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    im glad black folks got a show we all agree on is unique and excitign and give us something to think about i like shows like this cause it paints us in a new window , we are more than just ghetto thrugs we can be rich and ranchett and crazy too money dont mean you gotta be a thug .. white folks get to appreciate us as royal folks with issues you got rich black million billionairs with issues just look at jayz an beyonce they have so much issues and one day there will be a biopic about them trust that ,,,,,, bleu ivy get to see what her parents live look like for real . .kenya west to there will be a bio about him he is the next tupac i believe he reminds me of tupac tupac got on people nerves to … he would not have taken on kim kardashian he love black women and respected them ultimately , ,to tupac kim kardashian would be a slut an embarrassment , a monster he wouldnt want in his circle ….he would have did a dirty rap song bout her after sexing her ….. lol
    kenya is not smart greed and money and ignorant planning makes kim good for him they both are train wrecks of issue… i wish tupac was alive …