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RSVP today: Star Studio live with Tank and Lyfe Jennings – REGISTRATION CLOSED

Tank (StarStudio)

Rolling out, Munson Steed and Enchanted Branding & Public Relations would like to invite you to a LIVE session of our newest interactive Web series titled STAR STUDIO sponsored by Toyota, featuring TANK on Saturday, March 21.

This event is FREE, LIVE and IN PERSON.

Star Studio will feature an introspective one-on-one with rolling out publisher Munson Steed in front of a live studio audience, with a brief Q-and-A following the interview. The event will offer a LIVE audience an opportunity to hear different perspectives and mantras to success from Tank and Lyfe Jennings detailing his journey in the entertainment industry. The series was created to uplift and inspire from an educational perspective and we hope you’ll join us for this flagship event.

Location: The Balzer Theater at Herren located at 84 Luckie St NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30303

STAR STUDIO featuring Lyfe Jennings
Live Session will begin promptly at 4PM.

STAR STUDIO featuring Tank
Live Session will begin promptly at 7PM.

*Limited Seating Available

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