Yandy Smith turns baby shower into a commitment ceremony

Mendecees and Yandy

Everybody knows of Yandy Smith’s undying love for her family, her business, and yes, her boo and fiancé, Mendeecees Harris. Although you two planned to get married or not have another baby out of wedlock, what’s more important? Having the wedding of your dreams with all the bells and whistles, or exchanging vows and committing to building your family? If it’s the latter, it doesn’t matter if the ceremony is held in the bathroom at the courthouse.

What’s more important? I am going to leave that question to the readers to answer. Smith’s a boss lady and several things are expected to come from a woman in such a position; the owner of a record label, founder of a woman’s magazine, manager of many influential people and overall catalyst. However, when it comes down to it, what’s the main focus? Being the boss? Having the floss? Or making the commitment to the relationship through marital ties?

This may be the one time I will ever totally disagree with Smith because what I eyewitnessed was a baby shower (well it started out that way) but then all of a sudden it became an opportunity for Smith to turn the attention back to herself. Her love and commitment to Mendeecees and her announcement of her decision to legally change her name to Harris. Yandy, that whole plan has the words “self-centered” written all over it.

What the heck happened to the baby shower? I can’t even recall one shower gift that was opened up. Was the shower canceled? Why was it OK to have a shotgun commitment party and not a shotgun wedding when you originally said the priest would have been there? I’m confused. I think Mendeecees’ mom had a point. If you can do a shotgun commitment ceremony, then you can do a shotgun wedding. You can always go back and have the reception of your dreams and invite everyone and throw one big party.

You are such a boss lady and you deal with artists and we know they have to be micromanaged for the most part; but now it’s time to separate home life and hubby from the workforce and entertainment business. As much as you have been my shero for the way you have taken control, I think I am going to have to ask Mendecees to take the wheel. It’s that time.

We know it’s hard to balance a family, business, your relationship, run a label and a successful magazine, so Yandy, we’re going to need you to breathe! Stop, close your eyes, breathe in and then release. You are a superwoman and super-shero to all aspiring women in the music and entertainment business, but you need to delegate more and take care of yourself for a little while.

What do you think readers? Is Smith making too many of the decisions for the family?

Yandy and MendeceesPhoto credit: VH1 / Instagram

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