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Father betrays wife and kids, kills toddlers and himself: Zoey Mendoza seeks healing on Dr. Oz

My Husband Murdered Our Kids: A Mother’s Inspirational Journey To Healing

Dr. Oz is joined by Zoey Mendoza. She opens up about her tragic story (first reported on Yahoo Parenting) of how her husband,Kurtis Birth, 38, murdered their kids before committing suicide, which shattered the hearts of parents everywhere. She shares her inspirational journey of coping with the devastating loss of her children and her eventual path to healing and forgiveness.

On the first days following the tragedy, Mendoza revealed: “I just crawled into my son’s bed and I just remember thinking I cannot let this destroy me. I held onto just a sliver of hope that something would help pull me through the early day, which thankfully, I had such a beautiful, and still have such a beautiful and strong support system with me.”

Zoey Mendoza

On Mendoza’s enlightening moment of being spiritually reunited with her children, she described: “All of a sudden I heard my children giggle and I shot straight up and it was the middle of the night, but my room was lit up brighter than if the sun were streaming in. I can’t even describe how white my room was. And there was a little white staircase right next to me, and my children were at the top. I saw my children, and when our eyes met they ran down the stairs and leaped on me and were just full of the life that I knew them to be full of. And I didn’t even know what to do. I just said, ‘you’re here, you’re with me’.  I remember it like it happened five seconds ago – every detail of it. And it changed my life from that moment forward.  I felt them. My daughter came to me, her hair was done differently than I had ever done her hair and I said that to her, ‘Somebody else is doing your hair, cuz I never do your hair like that’ and she smiled at me, but she just laid with me. Both of my children laid with me.”
In her defining moments of healing, Mendoza discovered: “I needed to know what happened there. I need to know the circumstances under which my babies left this world. So what I learned was that one did not witness the other die. They were both playing. They weren’t scared. They weren’t running away.”

Mendoza shares her story on Thursday, March 26, 2015.


  1. kittybooboo on March 26, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    its a unexplainable erry when you read this , and you immediatly pray and you want to cry but you wonder why / and you want to not forgive that man but god has the last word and no matter how bad this is we have to know that god knows all and everything , i oculd not imagine being this woman . and when ever you think you life is bad you need to remember these stories and they heal you

  2. REALSOUL4 on March 27, 2015 at 6:53 am

    This is very painful to hear this mother speak of her children when they were dead and gone. The father was a coward to do that to those beautiful children. May the children “R.I.P.”!