Murder the leading cause of death for rappers, says study

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A new study concerning the deaths of popular musicians shows more hip-hop artists have died due to murder than artists of any other genre. Professor Dianna Theadora Kenny recently shared her findings after examining the deaths of more than 13,000 music artists. Kenny teaches psychology and music at the University of Sydney.

According to her article — “Music to die for: how genre affects popular musicians’ life expectancy” — murder accounted for 51 percent of rappers’ deaths.“This could be due to these genre’s strong associations with drug-related crime and gang culture,” Kenny says in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“It’s a cautionary tale to some degree,” she adds. “People who go into rap music or hip-hop or punk, they’re in a much more [hazardous] profession compared to war. We don’t lose half our army in a battle.”

The study also shows that rappers are less likely to die from cancer or heart disease than jazz, blues or folk music artists.

Check out the statistics below:

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