Is dating ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Rich Dollaz one of his ‘management’ requirements?

Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz how we met him

While many businessmen fear threats of sexual harassment accusations in the workplace, and therefore don’t mix business with pleasure; mixing business with pleasure almost seems to be a requirement on the set of “Love and Hip Hop,”  especially if you are going to work with Rich Dollaz. Judging from the pattern of events that took place the on the last episode of “Love & Hip Hop” one could develop the opinion that the talented Dollaz wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s review the chain of artists revealed on the show that Dollaz has been “managing.”

If memory serves correctly, Erica Mena introduced Rich Dollaz to viewers as her boyfriend-producer or was it her manager? Mena was so in love and then we witnessed the most emotional break up ever. But the good thing about Mena is she always has a plan B. Mena gets a new girlfriend. Cyn Santana … Erica and Cyn break up and Dollaz and Cyn become besties. Dollaz embraces his new friendship with Santana  solidifying their business deal by making her the new face of his liquor, 79 Gold Spirit.

Cyn Santana and Rich Dollaz“Deciding to make Cyn the face of 79 Gold Caramel Spirit (Rich’s vodka) was the absolute best choice for my business,” claims Dollaz.

In speaking with Dollaz about a month ago, he revealed he was working with Moneice Slaughter, baby mama of Lil Fizz’s child (former member of BK2).

Dollaz described Slaughter as one of the most talented people he knows and claims she has one of the most dominant Grammy Award-winning voices; she has been recording some monster hits that will receive recognition on a national level really soon.

Moneice and Rich DollazDollaz has been spending a lot of time in L.A. with Slaughter in the studio. He did confirm they have a business relationship. But what Dollaz did not confirm or deny is if he was, in fact, in a romantic relationship with Slaughter. Probably because I didn’t bother to ask him. So don’t go cussing out Rich, Ms. Moneice. (I know you are reading this.)

Diamond StrawberryMeanwhile, current episodes reveal Dollaz moving on with his love life business. Dollaz meets up with Cisco to discuss his artists collaborating with Cisco. Somewhere between their collaborating, Cisco’s girlfriend, Diamond Strawberry, breaks up with Cisco after finding out he fathered a child during their relationship and decided to tell her years later. Even though she never revealed that she also had a daughter who was living with her mom in Los Angeles, (as she had moved to New York to chase her Prince Charming who turned out to be frog named Cisco).

Personally I have always felt a certain type of way when a woman leaves her young child in pursuit of a man.

In the meantime, Dollaz woos his buddy producer Cisco Rosado’s ex girlfriend, Diamond Strawberry. He even asked Cisco if he was sure he was done with her. Ummm, a little too late though as he revealed to Cisco he had already “smashed the homie.” Well, Dollaz didn’t have much time to worry about Cisco’s feelings because he was too busy trying to keep Strawberry from whipping Jhonni Blaze.

Jhonni BlazeThe two ladies bump into each other as they are both meeting up with Dollaz at the same location. Strawberry is very protective of her new man. The way Dollaz is pimp slapping these chicks with his tongue-lashings …  Still they all appear to have some type of crazy unconditional “I will fight you” kind of love for Dollaz. (DId he put roots on them?)

Side note: We also learned that Dollaz lives in Atlanta. Who knew?

IsDollaz still partners with Yandy Smith, running their successful record label?We haven’t seen him bring any of this drama to his business partner for advice. My advice to Rich:

Rich Dollaz, I don’t know what kind of power you have in your pants to make these girls go freaking nuts; but I am recommending that you put on a chastity belt for about six months, help Yandy spend more bonding time with the new baby by picking up the slack with the label. Yandy really needs your help right now. I’m afraid these women are going to spiral out of control and someone is going to get hurt.

We will reach out to Jhonni Blaze for comments as she is the most recent person on social media still outting Slaughter while alleging Dollaz is a cheater.

Was Santana the only one Rich was not smashing? What are your thoughts?

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