How to make and use a vision board to attain your goals

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With spring finally making an appearance, it is the perfect time to review the goals you set at the beginning of the year as well as create new ones. My favorite and easiest way of making things happen is having a vision board. Have you heard of it? Do you have one?

What is a vision board? It is a visual reminder of the life you want for yourself. It is created by attaching pictures and words to a poster, bulletin, or cork board and hanging it in your home and/or office. It allows you to see the goals you want to achieve daily.

Before I was introduced to the vision board, I used to write my desires out on sheets of paper and tape them to the wall in my bedroom. There was some success there, but the vision board definitely changed the game. It has helped me bring jobs, friends, relationships, additional income, and so much more into my life.

So, how do you make a vision board?

– Choose five goals (or more) that you would like to achieve. Feel free to pick three short-term goals that you can achieve within two years as well as two long-term goals that you can make happen within five years. Goals should be realistic and can represent the career, education, health, love, and spiritual areas of your life. Feel free to add a few material items to your board too. Add a picture of that car you would like to own one day or that hot cellphone you have had your eye on.

– Use words and pictures from magazines, photography, Google images, and other sources to represent your goals. You may even use or create artwork for your board.

– Place images and words on a poster or cork board in a way that stokes excitement about your goal. Also, put a picture of yourself on the board.

– Hang the board in an area of your home or office that has low foot traffic. Everyone won’t support you. Don’t expose your dreams to the haters in your life.

Every six months it is a good idea to update your vision board. It is also a good time to create new goals and remove ones that have been achieved.

What do you want for your life? Let us know about your vision board experience. Good luck!

Courtney Bell is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She is a life coach, professor, and blogger with over 10 years of experience creating strategies for adults and students to live the lives they desire. Courtney currently lives in Chicago. Like her Facebook page – Courtney Bell Coaches and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @cbellcoaches.

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