Black teen who got heart transplant killed in police chase

Anthony Stokes

By all accounts Anthony Stokes, 17, was a troubled teen. He had a considerable juvenile record after frequent encounters with law enforcement. Two years ago, his life became a point of national interest because he needed a heart transplant. The hospital initially denied his request because of his juvenile criminal record and his history of non-compliance regarding his health. However, after a social media campaign to change the hospital’s decision, Stokes did receive a new heart and a second chance at life. Promises were made by Stokes that he would look at life with a new perspective. But now the teenager lies dead in a metro Atlanta morgue.

Stokes is suspected of breaking into a home, and shooting at the occupant, an elderly woman, before fleeing the scene. A short time later, he committed a carjacking and police gave chase down a busy metro Atlanta highway. Stokes’ vehicle fishtailed during the high-speed chase and hit another vehicle and an innocent pedestrian before slamming into a pole. Rescuers had to cut Stokes out of the mangled vehicle, which was almost cut in half by the pole. Stokes was transported to a nearby hospital where he died. The pedestrian is reportedly in good condition.

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