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Tracee Ellis Ross reveals why she continues to host Black Girls Rock!

Tracee Ellis Ross was one of the many celebrities we got a chance to speak with on the stunning white carpet this past weekend at Black Girls Rock in New Jersey. There were some amazing celebrities among notable high-society women on the white carpet who had some interesting things to say. How excited and elated we were to to see and talk to some of the most amazing yet humble cast members of the hit Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black,” singer Estelle, Ciara, Beverly Bond, Will and Jada Smith and an all grown up Willow (looking just like her dad birthed her). We couldn’t believe as far down on the carpet as we were that we would still get the honor to interview Tracee Ellis Ross.

Ross suggested we “keep it light” as so many people wanted to talk to her about the TV show, about world issues and she said basically some of the girls were trying to “get heavy” with the convo,but Ross was in her “I am the happy hostess, let’s have happy thoughts” mood. When asked which black women in entertainment are making a difference, Ross responded, “I think Lupita [Nyong’o] made a huge difference, don’t you? Then there’s Viola Davis and the show ‘How to Get Away With Murder.’ “Tracee Ellis Ross and Amanda Seales

Check out the video to find out what problems Ross thinks Black women in entertainment face, and why it’s important to her to be a part of Black Girls Rock!



  1. britishrose on April 2, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    [email protected]@K THERE GOES SOLANGE .. . oh noo its tracy ellis ,. ITS NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE FOR HER AND SOLANGE TO LOOK THIS ALIKE AND NOT BE TWINS …… IF you told me tracy ross was solange moma i would believe it ..j

    twins … they even wear their hair and dress alike BOTH ARE WEIRD THE SAME OLE WEIRD WAY …. tracy ross never been married solange /?? umm i dont know why someone would marry solange

  2. Jonathan Moore on April 4, 2015 at 6:55 pm

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