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Rob Kardashian still at odds with his family?

Keeping Up With The kardashians/YouTube

Rob Kardashian’s status as the black sheep of the Kardashian family was solidified last month when he publicly blasted his sister, Kim Kardashian, in an angry Instagram post. Now, however, it appears that Rob has deleted the shady post, but has he made peace with his family?

As previously reported, the drama started when Rob’s family, namely Khloe Kardashian, spoke about Rob’s absence in the media over the past year and opened up about his personal troubles with weight and drugs.

Rob responded by posting a bloody photo of Amy Dunne, the psychopathic murderer from Gone Girl, and captioned the photo with “This is my sister kim , the b—– from Gone Girl …”


Recently, Rob decided to take the photo down, leaving his Instagram completely empty. However, sources say that Rob still isn’t happy with his family and that he thinks they’re exploiting his issues for TV.

“Rob told Kris in no uncertain terms he is extremely upset that his personal problems are being aired on national television. This isn’t going to help Rob in any way. If anything, it’s only pushing him farther away from the family!” a source said.

“His life isn’t a storyline for KUWTK! The show has ruined his family and turned them into people he doesn’t he [even] know, or want to be around. Even if the family wants to help him, the way to do that is behind closed doors, away from the media spotlight,” the source added.

The source also addressed Rob’s feud with Kim and said that their relationship is “strained now more than ever.”

“Who knows how Rob will lash out toward Kim next, but it will happen,” said the source.

Well, it’s good that Rob has taken the diss down and we hope that his family works through their issues and tries to avoid airing each other’s dirty laundry for public consumption. But considering that it’s the Kardashian family that we’re talking about, we doubt that will happen.