‘Furious 7’s’ Tyrese confesses to cheating on ex?

Tyrese confesses cheating on his ex on his new album

Yep, Tyrese has become popular for more than eye candy lately. On top of debuting in the top grossing movie of the weekend, Furious 7, the Baby Boy actor went back to his roots of singing and released a new album titled Black Rose. Whereas his last album was for the ladies, seems Tyrese has been doing some soul searching and found himself confessing to his ex for cheating. The first single, “Dumb S–t” is all about his breakup with his ex.

“I was in a relationship for 5 years and I got caught cheating and doing some dumb s– so the song is real,” said Tyrese who also enlisted Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa for the track.

One would assume Tyrese was talking about mother of his 5-year-old daughter, with whom he had a nasty custody battle going on (we don’t believe it’s resolved). But it wasn’t his ex, Norma. Currently, Tyrese has been in a serious relationship with another woman and he’s just spilling all the tea and I’m thinking this was a very soul cleansing therapeutic process recording the truth. The truth always should make a person feel a whole lot better about everything.

Now, is it too little too late? We have no idea. Tyrese explains it like this:

“I feel like this is my confessions album. When you think about all the music that is out now, there is a lot of singing a lot of rapping but I think the music that is cutting through is the music that’s honest,” he said.

Looks like our “Baby Boy” Tyrese is growing up. Well, maybe that’s what 36 does to you. Be sure to check out the new album, Black Rose, slated to drop this summer.

Source : Hip Hop Hollywood

Photo Credit: Twitter /BET

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