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Houston family giving up hope on Bobbi Kristina?


It’s been weeks since we’ve heard anything about Bobbi Kristina’s comatose condition, but a new report isn’t leaving fans with a sunny outlook as rumors circulate that the Houston family is now arguing over Bobbi’s fate.

According to RadarOnline, sources are claiming that Bobbi’s condition hasn’t improved since she was moved from Emory University Hospital to a new facility in Atlanta late last month. Sources say that Bobby Brown was hopeful that his daughter’s condition would improve, but other members of the family are losing hope.

“Of course Bobby wants Krissy to wake up and return to her life. That’s all he wants,” the source said.

“But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope and the Houston family is resigned to the fact that keeping Krissy on life support may not be the best option. They believe God should be in control and they don’t think what Bobby is doing is the best thing for her.”

Last month, Houston family matriarch Cissy Houston opened up about Bobbi’s condition and claimed that she’d made peace with the possibility that Bobbi might not survive.

“She’s the same,” Houston said. “They’ve moved her now to a place for rehabilitation and, you know, still not a great deal of hope.”

“I don’t pray like that. I give it to God one time. I know he’s able. I cannot change a thing. I’m asking everybody, pray to the Lord, who we know can do something about it. If he works a miracle, thank God. If it happens the other way, I’m all right,” she added.

The Houston family is reportedly understanding of why Brown is holding onto hope that his daughter will live, but sources say the family believes Brown will eventually realize that Bobbi most likely won’t wake up.

“The Houston family knows this is a heartbreaking decision for Bobby, and the worst thing he will ever have to do, but they have faith in God that he will do the right thing for Bobbi.” The source said.

We’ll have to wait until the Houston or Brown family opens up again about Bobbi to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes, but since it’s been two months that Bobbi has been in a coma, the outlook for her fate is looking bleak.





  1. REALSOUL4 on April 10, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    This is a sad situation….never give up “HOPE” because all things are possible with “GOD”. I’m still praying and wishing “GOD” will do a “Miracle” with Bobbi Kristina.

  2. britishrose on April 10, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    god has already decided i think the family need to let go .. then again i dont know its a hard call for them all , bobby kris is a good person and she may have just made a bad choice in how it happen or someone did this to her , but now it important to let her go in piece .. not on a machine ..