‘Being Mary Jane’ finale: 5 ways MJ compares to the average woman

BET photo/BET PRThe “Being Mary Jane” finale was a two-hour special. When I realized it was Tuesday night, I immediately hightailed it to Target to pick up some snacks. You know you have to have snack foods on deck and green olives for the three martinis necessary in order to get through the typical episode of “Being Mary Jane.” So I had to make sure I had enough olive juice to make my five martinis extra dirty. You couldn’t have prepared me for the explosive ending at all (not trying to be a spoiler for those who had to TiVo it and watch over the weekend). So if you didn’t see the finale, stop reading now ’cause I’m about to break it all down. The finale involved a breakup, a make up and a discovery of betrayal.

Mary Jane is a successful beautiful TV anchor who is always looking for love in all the wrong places. Does that not describe the average beautiful successful woman making her way in life?

BET Photo / Brian Wenn/Getty ImagesOn Mary Jane about to sabatoge the big job promotion she’s been awaiting

Now leave it to an “angry black woman” to long for a better position at the job and finally get the opportunity and then contemplate turning it down. Perhaps you moving up in the company may mean someone else getting the pink slip. Are you going to pass on the position? You know what they say, “If it’s not you someone else is going to get the spot!” Mary Jane and her producer Kara have been awaiting the day to move up the ladder to prime time (to the point of repairing their relationship to make the move) and knock knock! Who’s there? It’s opportunity knocking at the door and you don’t even want to open the door. Heck you are barely looking through the peep hole to see who it is. How many people has this happened to?

Gary Dourdan - Sheldon BET Photo/ BET PRTalking to a man on the phone every night for one week — going to his house and asking if you are in a relationship?

Mary Jane thinks she can move on from her breakup with David (Stephen Bishop) and has fallen for Gary (Sheldon Dourdan), with a quickness. Who thinks Mary Jane was jumping the gun on this one? I mean, two days prior she was in the arms of her #CuttyBuddy Brandon (Thomas Jones) the neighbor, after suffering from a rebounding whirlwind break up with David (her ex-who has a pregnant fiance’) and now a handsome man you met passing thru the office, pays you the slightest compliment and you are ready to start leaving your toothbrush at his house; going over there everyday when you get off work, and shopping for fine china and wedding bands (not literally). While your eggs are still frozen (literally). Don’t tell me you have never done this. No, not freezing your eggs. Rushing into a relationship with someone because they foot the profile on paper. When you write down the pros and cons, they have the looks, the degree, the suave disposition;  but follow them home and if they are over 50 and still single I bet there’s a reason. Please find out the hard way before you say  “I do.”

On not asking the appropriate questions before entering a relationship. 

Perhaps if Ms rushing into a new relationship Mary Jane would have just asked Mr. (living his life like it’s golden) Single and over 50 Sheldon if he “ever wanted to get married?” If he ever wanted to have kids or better yet, does he even like children? Have you ever lived with anybody before? You know, if she had asked him his reasoning for moving her toothbrush after the first time she discovered it was missing, maybe she would have known a lot more, a lot earlier.

Do we find ourselves pretending to be really good friends with someone we know we are attracted to and day by day, slowly but surely we have created an underwear drawer; left an outfit or two over there; stashed a spare cosmetic bag; or maybe we took our favorite pillow to their house and accidentally left it as well?

BET Photo/Reunion picStole a man we know our best friend was interested in and pretended she gave us the OK because we know dude wasn’t interested in her?

Hate me for being beautiful. Now was it Mary Jane’s fault that her friend Lisa gave her the “ok” to start dating David? She knows that she was the best choice for David. Well, she thought she knew until they broke up and he got someone else pregnant and proposed to someone else within 6 months of dating when you and him were together for 5 years? Or let’s combine this question. Should we get upset when we breakup with someone because they don’t meet our financial qualifications and he gets with the next woman who decides to hold him down? Then out of no where this #%@% starts making more money or gets a good job. How many times did we want to kick ourselves thinking if we could have just put up with his broke behind a few more months. Then we have the nerve to get jealous, display it and try and sabatoge their relationship because we want them back? Hmmmmm (food for thought).

Brandon - BET photoIs it me or was either Mary Jane a nymphomanic or did it seem she wasn’t satisfied unless she was being satisfied by someone?

Why was the key to Mary Jane’s way of coping with life found inside her underwear? It’s like when she wasn’t with the first married dude she went running back to David every time he got cold feet and a guilt trip for cheating on his wife and spending less time with his kids? Could Mary Jane not have healed faster if she just did some soul searching and buried herself in her work? Nope! She ran to David until he was knocking at her door and peeling off her underwear. When David was occupied or pissed her off she was knocking on the #cuttybuddy Brandon’s door or summoning him to her bedroom. After all, he did live next door, it was convenient, he was fine, so that makes everything easier and lastly he had a body carved by somebody’s Pulitzer body sculpting prize winner.

Well, that’s it ladies! Some things to ponder on. Just because Mary Jane has a degree, a beautiful home, the family breadwinner and a high income level career, she actually is no different than the average Jo-ANN when it comes to love, emotions and the desire to have her own man, a baby, and her own family. In the beginning I was like I am not watching this because Mary Jane was supposed to be strong and not give in. But one day I chatted with my friend Tai Beauchamp who speaks with the writer Mara Brock Akil (the writer of the show) after every episode on the after show and she was trying to emphasize that beauty, money and success doesn’t make you any stronger when it comes to being a woman, having emotions and being in love. After that lecture, I was like “WOW” she’s right. I guess we have to wait now to see what becomes of #BeingMaryJane.

many faces of Mary Jane- IGThe many faces of “Being Mary Jane.” See you season three!


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