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Tulsa cop, who killed Eric Harris, allegedly bankrolled sheriff’s department

robert bates

Killer cop Robert Bates, 73, was the epitome of a “sugar daddy” for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sheriff’s Department. After all, he purchased five vehicles for the department as well as expensive surveillance equipment. There is no confirmed dollar amount for his donations but it may exceed $100,000. For these donations it has become apparent that Bates was given extraordinary powers and privileges.

Now it has been revealed that these privileges included not only a badge and a gun, but also the falsification of training documents; which allowed him to carry the gun he used to kill Eric Harris. According to media reports, supervisors at the Sheriff’s Department were ordered to falsify training records so that Bates would receive firearm certifications for which he should never have been eligible. But it did not end there, Bates additionally received credit for law enforcement field training he never took. Anonymous sources in the department have stated that at least three supervisors were transferred for refusing to sign off on mandatory state training records on behalf of Bates.

Bates is facing second-degree murder charges in the death of Harris and is free on $25,000 bond.