Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard happy about repaired breasts


Earlier this week, we reported that veteran reality TV queen Tiffany “New York” Pollard was making a shocking return to the world of reality TV on the E! series “Botched,” in which she asked a plastic surgeon to fix her large, sagging breast implants. Now that her breasts have been fixed, New York is opening up about the surgeries and explaining why she’s happy with her new breasts.

Pollard gave a recap of her breast implant ordeal with RuPaul and Dr. Terry Dubrow on the “Botched” after show, “Good Work,” where she explained that her second pair of implants were too big for her body and caused the sagging.

“My skin wasn’t strong enough to support such a huge implant, so my skin immediately [begin sagging]” New York explained, adding that her implants cost her $30,000.

Pollard then took the time to thank Dr. Dubrow for fixing her implants.

“You are my heavenly angel,” she said, addressing Dubrow. “The one that sits from above, that has me sitting this high [grabs breast], even if I wasn’t wearing a bra … that man right there, you have helped me so much.”

But that’s not all that Pollard had to say about her surgeries. Read what she had to say about her new breasts and her plans for more plastic surgery after the cut.

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