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Producer Bangladesh announces new label and new artists, Famous 2 Most

Famous2MostBangladesh Grammy-winning super producer Shondrae Crawford, aka “Bangladesh,” who’s been responsible for so many of the beats we love, has now launched his own label and has big plans for Hollywood. Bangladesh Records has found new star power right here in the South, Atlanta, aka the “New Hollywood.”

Bangladesh announced the signing of Famous 2 Most, the newest artists to sign to Bangladesh Records. Most popular for the songs “Zanz, and “2 Many H–s,” these songs were actually produced by the artists. That’s right, they are not only artists, and their dance game is crazy, but they are producers as well. Keep your ear to the ground listening for new music and videos from Famous 2 Most via Bangladesh Records.

Famous to Most at launch party for Bangladesh RecordsAbout Famous 2 Most

Originally consisting of four group members, Famous 2 Most maintained quite a name for themselves; creating three of the most highly popular dance craves homegrown in Atlanta. Hasani Buchanan, PJ, Jalen Bear and Rari all played a part in creating what many know today as the “Whoop Rico,” the “Nae Nae” and the “Whip” dances.

Now a duo, Famous 2 Most’s two remaining members, Hasani and PJ, are both credited as the sole creators of the “Whip” dance. Approximately five months ago, PJ and a few of his friends created the “Nae Nae.” Both dances have swept the nation and have had a major impact on America’s dance culture. Hasani and PJ met in high school.

You can now see their dances on YouTube, during Sunday Night Football and even in a McDonald’s commercial. All of the dances have songs tied to them, which is what keeps the duo in the studio cooking up hits. Their fan base ranges from elementary school kids to pro athletes, who show tremendous support through countless re-tweets, likes, hash tags and video posts. Together, their YouTube views are well into the millions and collectively their Instagram followers total over 100,000. Their latest song “Zanz” has begun to generate a buzz among their following and has attracted many new listeners to their sound.

Famous 2 Most is a group chock-full of potential and they truly live up to their name. They are already famous to most.

About Bangladesh, producer, rap artist and founder of Bangladesh Records 

Upon meeting Ludacris, Bangladesh had no idea the sound he created for “Fantasy” would put them in line for a Grammy win, and it would be all uphill from there. Joining forces with Sean Garrett on Brandy’s last album was also one for the history books for the Iowa-born rapper-producer..

Bangladesh is best known for the music he created for the following artists: Lil Wayne’s hit 2011 song,”6 Foot 7 Foot” featuring Cory Gunz, and he has produced for Ludacris, Beyoncé, Syleena Johnson, Ke$ha, Usher, Nicki Minaj, T-Pain, Bad Meets Evil and Ice Cube. He served as executive producer on KeKe Palmer’s latest album..

“A Milli” by Lil Wayne is probably one of his most successful singles to date. Let’s also not forget Gucci Mane’s song, “Lemonade” for which Bangladesh produced the beat.

Creating this label and launching it with Famous 2 Most puts Bangladesh on track to take his music business expertise and skills on the business side to the next level. Congrats Bang!

Rapper and Vh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - Yung Joc and Producer Bangladesh Yung Joc and producer Bangladesh

Famous to Most - Pose with Bob Whitfield Famous 2 Most pose with former Falcon and Patchwerks Studio owner Bob Whitfield

Photo credit: IG / Jonell Media PR