‘RHOA’ reunion show: The girls wear white denoting truce or not?

Photo Credit: Bravo Publicity pics

RHOA Reunion show truce or same old, same old gang?

The word on the streets is that the “RHOA” ladies decided to wear white because they wanted to all come in peace. But from some of the footage on the teaser video we hardly saw a truce. It appears Kandi and Phaedra have not made peace in their longtime friendship. It’s very apparent that Kandi and NeNe Leakes definitely are not in a good place. I was under the impression that the trip to Manila (the Philippines) had repaired the fractured relationship between Phaedra and Kenya, but according to the teaser footage not so much. Dr Jeff even shows up and brings up NeNe’s past which leaves her in tears and sends her right back out the door. Dr Jeff sure has a peculiar way of solving problems that keeps making NeNe exit stage left — or was it stage right?

Photo Credit: Bravo Nene Leakes I also watched the past couple of episodes of “RHOA” and assumed Claudia and Porsha were in a good place, but I don’t know what exactly happened after their arrival from the Philippines to the reunion show couch. Oh, and from the comments Cynthia Bailey made to Phaedra advising her to “win a case,” um, I’m definitely sure their relationship could use a bottle of “fix a flat” as well. From Claudia correcting Porsha’s grammar, to my Kandi Kane tearing up, I just know I am going to need at least three dirty martinis to get through part one of the reunion show.

Photo Credit: Bravo - Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas Seems the men weren’t too shy either as Peter defends himself against gossip he was cheating with a waitress; and Todd reminds Kandi when it comes to love that perhaps she may have to be the one doing the chasing. I think it’s great that Todd is very dedicated to his developing career as executive producer on a network show “Divas of Hollywood.” It could be totally different and he could be getting warnings of suspension due to the fact he is always running to Atlanta, or seeking vacation time. You know how it goes in Hollywood for Black talent; they must keep striking while the iron is hot and the work is available. I’m sure Momma Joyce is proud that her son-in-law is earning his keep. Kandi? Not so much. She needs her man!

At least all the girls were fierce in wardrobe, all their faces were beat, shoe games on point, hair on fleek and I think that’s all I have in the “those girls looked good” street jargon language. Oh, I forgot one “yassssssss.” That’s the popular term for, “they did that.” So now that you have your vocabulary lesson, set your TiVo or get ready to flip your remote back and forth between the “RHOA” reunion show and the UNCF Awards. Why is that such a toss-up? The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs April 26 at 8pm ET. Will you be tuning in?

Claudia Jordan - Instagram

Claudia Jordan reveals on instagram (pictured above) her dress was by Tom Ford, her shoes were Giuseppe Zanotti and her makeup was done my IG @mannymua, and hair by Leo Eley and she looked fabulous!

Photo credit: Bravo

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