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Glam University’s CEO talks ‘Girl Power’ event featuring ‘Married to Medicine’s’ Dr. Jackie

ceo of glam bar talks to rolling out The CEO of Glam University, Sabrina Peterson, gave rolling out a breakdown on just what takes place at her Glam University events. This hairstylist and beauty salon owner created Glam University to educate women on how to constructively build their business.

Where did the concept come from?

I noticed there was a shortage of female African American business owners. When searching for the answer, I discovered there were so many girls who looked just like me with similar backgrounds that just simply didn’t have a clue of where to begin starting their business.

How long have you been in business for yourself?

Really, I’m trying to think back [to whether] i ever had a 9-to-5. I have been self-employed since the age of 16, I started doing hair. My mom was a hairstylist back in Pennsylvania where I grew up. I actually had one job working for a mortgage broker and it was not a good experience. From that point on I vowed to always work for myself. I opened my salon in 2009 and haven’t turned back yet.

Sabrina talks Glam Bar University an special celebrity guestWhat is Glam University and what should attendees expect?

Glam University got its name from the former CEO of the Glam Bar and it’s an extension of her brand. It’s a place where a person can walk into the door with an idea and the CEO will sit down with you every step of the way; from mindset to inception of the business. You are walked  through the process with in-house experts. There is an attorney to help with your business license, patent, trademark; a Web tech to set you up online; a publicity and marketing team and even an in-house event planner so you can walk out the door with your grand opening all in place.

How can people sign up?

You can register for the event by listening to the video below to find out the website.

What are some suggestions you would give to those contemplating entrepreneurship? 

Make sure you have a great support system and a backup plan if you decide to leap out on faith. Sometimes it takes a business from six months to one year to see minimum profits. Set realistic goals. Attend a Glam University event. Come with an open mind. Be ready to make changes to your business. You must be willing and able to analyze if change is needed to grow. Always consult a public relations expert and have a media partner for your events.

Dr. Jackie Waters [“Married to Medicine”] will join us on April 25 and 26 along with other surprise celebrity guests.

See you soon!