How a woman lost a leg due to accusations of sex with another woman’s boyfriend


A jealous woman nearly killed her neighbor because she believed she was having sex with her boyfriend. According to a report by ABC 6 in Philadelphia, Precious Coleman, 29, got into a dispute with Beatrice Spence, 24.

Coleman went to confront Spence at her home and the two began arguing. Spence ran in the direction of Coleman’s SUV as the two yelled at each other. Spence’s uncle attempted to stop Spence when Coleman pressed on the gas and jumped the curb. Coleman struck Spence and her uncle, Damon Watson, with her vehicle. Watson bounced off the vehicle, but Spence was pinned against the porch by the vehicle and her leg was severely damaged. Witnesses say that Spence’s leg was detached and hanging like a string. Coleman sped off in her SUV.

Spence’s mother was cooking at the time and rushed outside to take care of her daughter. However, she forgot to turn off the stove and the house caught on fire.

Spence was rushed to Temple University Hosptial where she had to get her leg amputated below the knee. Hours before the altercation, Coleman showed up at Spence’s home and threw a brick threw her window. She yelled that she wanted Spence to stop blocking her on Instagram.

Spence’s family members said that Coleman was upset over a man that Spence didn’t care for anymore. She dated Coleman’s boyfriend before they got together, but she had since moved on.

Coleman was arrested and charged with attempted murder and will be held on a $750,00 bond. It’s highly likely that the man she was fighting over will soon find another lover.

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