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Eric Harris update: Judge allows killer cop to go on vacation

Photo Credit: Tulsa County, Oklahoma, Sheriff's Office

Photo credit: Tulsa County, Oklahoma, Sheriff’s Office

For many the idea of White privilege is an abstract notion lacking any clear example. But to get an idea of what it is look no further than killer cop Bob Bates. Bates is the reserve Sheriff’s Deputy from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who shot and killed unarmed Black man Eric Harris. Bates claimed he was thought he was reaching for his Taser and instead drew his gun. Since the shooting, many details of Bates involvement have come to light, including the fact that he is a millionaire and made frequent donations of cars and equipment to the Sheriff’s Department. This bankrolling of the department, some say, allowed him to pay to play at being a cop and gave him extraordinary privileges.

Now Bates is facing manslaughter charges and appeared before a judge in Oklahoma on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty. But he had one small request of the judge, Bates wanted to go on his vacation that was planned before the shooting incident. Surprisingly, the judge granted his request and now Bates is on his way to the Bahamas. That’s right, Bates killed a man, is awaiting trial and the judge gave him permission to leave the country for a little fun in the sun. This is not Bates’ first trip to the island nation. According to The Daily Beast, Bates has not only visited the island repeatedly but also has taken Sheriff’s Department personnel with him on these trips.


  1. britishrose on April 22, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    haaaaa you want to laugh in stead of crying ,cause crying will do you no good , as merciless and evil and unjust this judge was with no respect or sympathy for the family of the dead man . . one of the most dispicable acts know to man , up there with choppin off a innocent mans head , i mean the worst evil out here ..
    his dirty white ass was born in 1933 where as a boy he saw many blacks hung from trees, burned alive and torched is that any wonder he sitting on a bench smelling shitty and looking like satan .
    oh im angry but this is the apitemy of the worst hate crimes know to man hitler roll over you got a few more people to lay in your grave til judgment day comes ,these fools aint scared of god ovious ., remember the people of egypt when moses tryed to tell them god will and they danced and dranked and act like nothing was wrong .. we have the same humans on this earth now who dont care bout nothing that god deems just .
    breaking every christian code available them .
    spitting on the words of god , do untoo others , , MY FAVORITE IS MAKE YOUR ENEMY YOUR FOOT STOOL AS A RACE WE GONNA HAVE TO HEAR THE BIBLE QUOTATIONS AND UNDERSTAND GOD SPEAKS LAST . . and i dont wish them no bad luck cause there is no such thing but there is somthing that make bad luck look like a picnic in the park … for real

  2. News Addict on April 25, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Unbelievable. Allowing someone charged with manslaughter to leave the US with known wealth and resources? There should be an audit of this judge to see how many other people charged with manslaughter that he has allowed to leave the country. Two legal systems in the US – one for the rich and one for the rest of us.