Mo’Nique explains why she finally shaved her legs

Photo Credit: Mo'Nique/Wendy Williams Show YouTube Screenshot

For years, Mo’Nique refused to shave her leg hair and unapologetically showed off her gams on red carpets for all of the world to see. But it looks like the controversial Oscar winner had a change of heart recently because she showed up to the “Wendy Williams Show” this week and revealed her clean-shaven legs to the world.

Mo’Nique revealed her smooth, hairless legs after Williams, who was shocked, pointed out to fans that there was no hair on the comedian’s legs.

“I didn’t care. And I still don’t. But what happened was, as I got older, the hair began to fall out in different places. So one night, Sid and I were in the closet, and he said ‘Mama, you’re starting to have spots on your legs. It looks like you got the mang[e]. So you got to do something about that.’  So I shaved them that night and [have] been shaving them ever since. If I still had it, I would still wear it well,” Mo’Nique said.

She also explained why she’s more concerned about being healthy than looking good for the cameras when it comes to her fitness routine.

“I think the whole point is to just be healthy. When you eat healthy, and I try to work out at least five times a week, well, the weight goes where it goes. But I’m not trying to get down to a certain size or to be a certain weight. I’m just trying to be the healthiest Mo’Nique I can be,” she explained.

We always applaud a woman who can embrace herself as is, and we appreciate Mo’Nique talking about the importance of health over vanity.

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