Bruce Jenner to do a docuseries: Educational or was Wendy Williams right?

Bruce Jenner @kyliejenner via Instagram
Bruce Jenner @kimkardashian via Instagram

Bruce Jenner, the transformation saga continues, in the form of a docuseries, though? Now, I am all for transformation. Actually I’m not. But to be politically correct; if a person wants to change their gender, it’s their constitutional right provided they can afford the expenses involved. It’s really interesting how less than one week ago a very tearful Jenner was crying to Diane Sawyer about revealing to the public everything about his transformation and what’s taking place. Now we learn it’s confirmed that E! is set to do a docuseries on the entire transformation? Hmmmmm (scratches head — drops mic and walks off stage).

All of a sudden I am overcome with that same “duped” feeling that Wendy Williams had. All the sentiment and emotional bravery mumbo jumbo is slowing easing right out the window. I smell opportunity, lots of dollar signs, some bad reality TV coming into play and a big fat pay check for someone to accompany him on this journey. If Jenner has been transforming himself into a woman for the past five years, wouldn’t we have missed half of the journey since his breasts implants have already grown to a 36B.

If a man felt like such a woman and was able to have three marriages and six children, does that make him a lesbian? If a man has to resort to sneaking in his daughters’ closets and stealing trying on their dresses; was that due to the testosterone leaving his body or do some people simply call it a fetish? You do the math.

How is it the car accident reported a few months ago that started with a “misdemeanor manslaughter” charge; that police and courts first found Jenner the cause of the accident; suddenly turned into an alleged “unsafe speed and following too closely,”violation? But somehow weeks later … just because they confirmed Jenner wasn’t texting and trailer and off-road vehicle he was hauling were weighed and found to be well below the maximum allowed? Now all of a sudden it’s a mute point that the lady still died? Wow! Bartender! Please get me another drink! What did that have to do with him being at fault? So now it’s a slap on the wrist accident? And they say celebrities don’t get favoritism in the justice system. But who am I to judge, right?

All I know is, you can’t get the sympathy and bravery vote over here buddy and announce your “docuseries” with the same teardrop. Not at my bar!  I’m sure Jenner will be getting paid big bucks. It’s also interesting that Burce is demanding total creative control over everything and is rumored to have shut Kris Jenner out of the production totally. Seems like a docuseries is a cocktail mixed with power struggle, an ounce of ego booster and  two shots of fame ‘w—-‘ on the rocks! You know on that note I will just have my normal martini; dirty no ice, not shaken or stirred.

What are your thoughts? Publicity stunt or identity crisis? It sure does take a lot of bravery to document the entire process after the process has been in effect. I hope this does not pose controversial talk for the real “transgender” community. What are your thoughts?

Editor’s note: the opinions express in this article are solely those of the writer.

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