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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 2 best moments

Joseline Learns About Stevie's Rehab Stint

Stevie reveals he failed a drug test

Stevie J reveals that he’s in trouble with the law that and that he has to take a drug test every week to prove his sobriety. He’s failed his drug tests a few times in the past and the judge warned him that he could go to prison if he fails again. Not surprisingly, Stevie fails his drug test and he sits down with Joseline and tells her that he’s been ordered to spend a month in rehab or he’ll have to go to prison. Stevie opts to go to rehab, but Joseline is still sad that Stevie is spiraling out of control and will be out of her life for a month. However, Stevie pacifies her by telling her to prepare for their wedding while he’s in rehab.

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