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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 2 best moments

Yung Joc Flirting With Sina

Yung Joc juggles two women

Now that Joc and Karlie Redd are over, he’s decided to get into a relationship with Khadiyah, the woman he cheated on Karlie with. Khadiyah has several jobs and spoils Joc with money and gifts. And although Joc promises Khaidyah that he’s loyal to her, he reveals that he regularly visits his fourth baby mama, Sina, and sleeps with her whenever he sees her. Since Joc cheated on Sina with Khadiya, Sina says that she has no respect for Khadiyah and no problem with trying to win Joc back. Joc is intent on keeping these two women apart, but there’s no doubt that Khadiyah will find out that Joc is cheating on her too.

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