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Deray McKesson drops knowledge on Wolf Blitzer.  #BrokenWindowsAreNotBrokenSpines

courtesy: youtube/RawStory/CNN

v: Activist Deray McKesson slams Wolf Blitzer

Martin Pratt

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  1. britishrose on April 30, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    broken windows are not broken spirits either , he is right its a cry for justice people are angry white folk are angry as well the few who do care bout human life .. its just wrong to kill a man , then claim he caused it , that many police around him and no one thougt he might be deserving of medical attention , they also knew he had a recent law suite against the city for previous violations of his rights that is directly retalitation , they decided to beat him up ,and negliect him this time . sad eric garner met the same fate