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Exclusive: Former Baltimore drug lord, Rudy Williams, speaks out on riots from prison

Rudy Headshot

Photo courtesy: Rudy Williams

Linwood Rudy Williams, a notorious drug lord from Baltimore who is serving 130 years plus life in prison for operating one of the most violent drug rings in the city’s history, speaks to rolling out exclusively regarding the recent news of the six officers in the Freddie Gray case being charged.

During his two decades of incarceration, Williams has devoted his time to reading, writing and teaching youth that crime is a genocidal trap and not the answer. He is currently working with Gangster Chronicles, a media platform that gives current and ex-convicts the ability to share their stories, put an end to mythologies by unveiling hidden stories and reach the youth through various forms of media such as books and documentaries.

Williams penned the Gangster Chronicles novel called Power Moves. Here, the former infamous gang leader from Baltimore shares his reactions on the news and the entire situation in Baltimore.

As a former drug kingpin who ruled the streets of Baltimore, do the riots surprise you?

No, not at all. Though I’ve been in for 25 years, my ears are to the streets and from what I hear from dudes just coming in, the police have absolutely no respect for the people in the Black community. How they hog-tie them and make them sit on the ground for hours before taking them to jail is reminiscent of the humiliation and abuse inflicted on the Blacks of South Africa by White policemen back when Whites ran it, and quite similar to the abuse inflicted on the “enemy combatants” held by the U.S. in Cuba, absolutely shameful and atrocious. The commissioner of the police should be tarred, feathered and ran out of town to L.A. where his predecessors imported these Nazi procedures from. The Black community does not have one genuine friend or champion inside of City Hall. Not one. They need me out there; I would  put a stop to this abuse, neglect and apathy. I’m sick of it. I would also create a local branch of KARZ [KIDS AT RISK], a subsidiary of Gangster that takes young Black men off the streets and train them to be productive members of the Black community.

What is your take on what has been going on this past week?

The police are murdering our sons and daughters simply because they know that they can get away with it. But this time they bit [off] more than they can chew. That’s why they are calling in any and everybody to stop the people from holding them accountable for the murder of Freddie Gray. Normally when professional athletes and sports players speak out against the police killing Black people, they are scorned in the media and told to shut up by the establishment, talking heads and opinion makers who don’t respect them or their views. However, now that the city has lost control, you see them pushing professional sports players out there on the front line to quell the righteous rage of the Black communities throughout the nation, after decades and decades of neglect, abuse and police violence. However, I would caution these jocks who long ago abandoned the city: don’t just speak out against the actions of the communities without speaking out against the cops and the politicians who support and protect the murderous police in their crimes. I’m not saying all policemen are rogue agents; I mean the bad ones.

What advice do you have for young people who committed crimes in the course of protesting? Talk about the consequences and alternatives.

Even though your rage and your cause is justified, don’t rely on anger; anger is a false friend. It will betray and abandon you every time. Create a nationwide political movement to end police violence, murder and abuse and solemnly commit yourselves to carrying it out. The goal is to apply immense political and financial pressure on the politicians and the business community to get them to clean up their houses and get rid of the criminals in their ranks.When this blows over, don’t just go home or back to your college campuses and daily lives and forget young Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and hundreds of thousands of others whose right to life were snuffed out just for being Black.

Make organized protest a lifetime commitment and never let up or let evil win by simply waiting you and your anger out.


  1. britishrose on May 7, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    WELL SPOKEN .. its black brilliant thinking black men like him whom , let society do just what he is asking us not to do , they sit behind bars cause they didnt want to struggle to be better like they know they could be , just the fact he now realize his potential dont mean much cause people locked up seem to be more , inspiring and sensible than if they were thrown back into the water without a boat and given just a life jacket to swim a few miles its survival of the fittiest when it come to convicts exiting prison … he sold drugs , does that make him a danger to society , he wanted to feed his family and not live poor as trailer trash who end up in the miltary with evil intents against their own country ..
    i think most police are ex miltary and they have issues, with the fact they never had much and ended up in the miltary for them was like someone place them in prison , they feel they are intitled to the riches their ancestry stole from blacks and then they are angry at blacks , for that ., a lot of this hate is generational and evil curse from far back as george washington in the white house ,, he owned slaves jefferson owned slaves . .. so this was somthing our country condoned slavery was a horrible time and it still plays arole in the way whites view blacks … . like we all need to go back to africa and for what ? we built the USA ., big time a lot of inventions that made america was invented by slaves .. its in history big time .. it all we need to know , 500 yrs later it i black men and women gunned down , beat down, drug, placed in cuffs on the ground , by young white cops who dont know their history but have an idea that it didnt result in anything good for blacks . . and i dont care how they beat or mistreat or kill us .. they asses will not escapt rapture of their own inability to undo the horrible pass of their ancester .. .. english ,irish , jewish , french, italian , who sold slaves like cattle call ., a discusting pass we have to relive every time we hear a black man was brutally killed .. . remember EMMITT TILL ????? THAT DIDNT TELL YO ASS SOMETHING NOTHING ELSE WILL

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  3. Helenofreims on May 9, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Detest your opinion know aware. You never cared or dare. See reality rivalry of
    gangs. Perpetuated by aggression actions said. Reaction when read or experience. Political disunited of African nations. Baltimore example understand opposition. Gangs advocating police brutality what. About innocent residents as McCaterson family. Whom used scape goats gangs. Burn there home 3 family members. Died tragic why haven’t Black. Community fight progress and economics? Always media Freddie was harmed. Now liability question how can. We remove gangs from Black. Community you can’t why? Nice try no lies narcotics those. Loyal regression irate nursing once. Top schools Bowie,Morgan and Alcorn. Yeah HBCU after reconstruction era. USA assurance education and merchants. Baltimore is example archery many Blacks. Have never seen possible empowerment. Just opinions of gangs reading. Segregation economic exclusions average. Conversation basic sports,girlies and lack of goals. Hip hop cause this ask rappers. For resolution everyone blaming. Cops well attitude misconduct. Towards aggression united gangs robbed. Blacks no matter composure suffering!

  4. mochamadness on May 22, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    The police aren’t murdering blacks half as fast as black murdering other blacks and non-blacks. This drug turd and his goon crew murdered more people in Baltimore than the police. When black drug dealers are living in society, they kill more black people’s children than any other race of people, and that includes the Klan.