Cynthia Bailey explains why she helped NeNe Leakes during her breakdown

Photo Credit: Cynthia Bailey's Instagram (@cynthiabailey10)
Source: Cynthia Bailey’s Instagram (@cynthiabailey10)

During last night’s explosive “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, NeNe Leakes had the most vulnerable moment of her career when she broke down in tears while discussing her painful past with her mother abandoning her. During Leakes’ meltdown, Cynthia Bailey tossed aside all of her drama with Leakes and rushed to her side to console her and show her love. Now, Bailey is explaining why, despite her beef with Leakes, she decided to help her former friend.

In her latest Bravo blog, Bailey explained that she stood by Leakes’ side during her breakdown like she would’ve done with anybody else she saw in such visible pain.

“My natural reaction when NeNe broke down and walked off was to go to her and hug her. I had no idea how I would be received or what I would say to her, but my heart said go after her, and I did,” Bailey said.

Bailey further explained that even though she and Leakes were clearly still at odds with each other, she felt it necessary to still be a good friend to her in that moment.

“NeNe and I were friends. Real friends that spent real time together outside of the show. Regardless of what the status of that friendship was during the reunion, I never want to see her hurt,” Bailey shared.

She added, “I followed her to the dressing room because I wanted her to know that I was close by if she needed me. My spirit told me it was the right thing to do, and I did not question it.”

Bailey also talked about the reunion as a whole and explained that she hopes the ladies walked away from it with some peace about the drama they endured together.

“I have always looked at the reunion as an opportunity for the ladies to address their issues face-to-face and try to move forward. When people want to make amends and move on, it usually works out. Unless they want the drama to continue. None of us is perfect. We all have said things about one another over the years, made fun of each other, and have crossed the line in one way or the other. People forgive whom they want to forgive, and hold grudges with whom they want to hold grudges. I can’t speak for the other ladies, but I felt like I was in a better place when the reunion ended. I was open to resolution, and that is what matters to me. How someone responds to it is their choice,” Bailey said.

Well, we must say it was touching to see Leakes let her guard down and truly be vulnerable, if only for a moment, on the show. And it was great to see that Bailey still cared enough about Leakes to forget about the made-for-TV drama and show her kindness.

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