Drake to enter the battle rap arena?

Source: @ChampagnePapi via Instagram
Source: @ChampagnePapi via Instagram

Since his 2010 emergence as leader of the new rap school, one of the biggest knocks on Drake has been his attempts to reconcile his sometimes posturing as a menacing street rapper with his tendency to sing the emotional and sometimes downright soft hooks on his and other artists’ songs.

Critics of the Toronto-based rapper may soon have additional fodder to use against Drizzy’s diehard fans.

On Saturday, May 9, the “Energy” rapper made an appearance at the Night of Main Events 5, a battle rap event in New York City. While at the event, Drake was put on the spot and asked when he planned to battle legendary battle rapper Murda Mook.

Much to the chargin of the crowd, Drake turned to Mook and said  “you gotta beat Surf first,” a reference to New Jersey-based battle rapper Tsu Surf, whom Drake has name-checked in interviews as one of his favorites in the genre.

According to BattleRap.com, a showdown between Drake and Mook has been in the works for a while. Both rappers admit to being fans of one another and the battle circuit has been pining for it to happen. Thus far, nothing has been able to be solidified due to some of Drake’s corporate obligations, but both sides continue to work to make the epic battle a reality.

If the cards were to fall into place and Drake and Mook were able to square off, who do you think would emerge victorious?

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