Rapper Game gives back in Atlanta with his Robin Hood Project

Rapper the Game  Photo via @losangelesconfidential Instagram
Source: @losangelesconfidential Instagram

After rapper Game made video after video exchanging words and bickering back and forth on instagram with Young Thug, the two decided to wave the white flag and give it a rest. Thug posted a video stating #Blacklivesmatter and announced that he and Game were not going to kill each other. Thug even apologized for waiving a gun in the background of his video. Seems all this peace in the air sparked Game to kick up his Robin Hood Project in the ATL.

GAME gives 7 yr old $700b bucks Photo credit via @losangelesconfidential Instagram
Game gives 7 -year -old $700b bucks (Source: @losangelesconfidential Instagram

While balling out at Lenox Square Mall, Game ran into a 7-year-old boy and learned it was his birthday. He pulled out seven crisp 100 dollar bills and handed them to the youngster.

Next Game was across the parking lot from the Greyhound bus station, where a fan expressed to Game that he was fresh out of jail and he was headed to New Orleans to surprise his mom for Mother’s Day. Well, the man was so surprised that Game gave him $1,000 and offered him a job. Game told him to enjoy Mother’s Day and holler at him if he wants to work after he sees his family.

Game may have a rough exterior (and foul mouth) when he feels threatened, but he has such a big heart full of love. Since he and former fiancéeTiffney Cambridge couldn’t work through their troubles, Game is available and back on the market. Who wouldn’t want a real-life Robin Hood thug who takes care of his children and loves his mom?

The best instagram post of the weekend was Game’s thank you to his mom:

“Happy Mother’s Day to each & every mother in the world today….. But especially to my hero… My mama…. Mom, you are everything I could’ve ever wished for as a mother & I deeply appreciate all that you endured to make sure that I always had the things I needed to survive in this world until I was able to hold my own. You showed me how to be a hustler.. How to go out & get my own without ever needing a handout from anyone else. You showed me how to be a man.. & how to gangster my dreams until they came true ! Everything I am today is because of you… The way I care for & love my children is because of you mama & I will forever be grateful for your everlasting presence in my life…. & in the words of the great 2Pac “You Are Appreciated.”

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